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super carrotcake

with 10x the vitamin A of other carrotcakes.

supercarrot's recipe journal
2 March 1979
this is the recipe journal of supercarrot

everything i post is vegan. (there are occasional recipes on the friends page which aren't.
but in any case, they are always vegetarian, and veganization is pretty much always possible.)

in any case, feel absolutely free to add supercarrotcake to your friends list. and if you keep a recipe journal as well, please, respond here cause, i'm gonna want to add your journal to my friends list. :-D
(and if you don't have a livejournal, feel free to syndicate me via RSS or atom)


The following is a list of vegetarian cooking communities:

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click here to visit all of the above recipe communities, consolidated into one page

veganpeople has occasional recipes. savory_flavory natural remedy recipes, not guaranteed vegetarian.

The following users post recipes in their journals, but are not solely recipe journals, so i cannot add them to my friends list:


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a comprehensive list of veg*n communities

and finally, i offer my friends page as a service to anyone who doesn't want to add innumerable recipe journals/syndications to their own friends page.
users -- communities -- syndications -- and all three combined


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