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pumpkin spice soymilk

i finally got around to trying the silk pumpkin spice flavor. it's quite tasty. but! not tasty enough to shell out the moolah, besides i'm a little ooked at supporting philip morris so blatantly.

back in july, i contacted torani to ask which of their flavors were vegan, and i was presented with a pleasantly long list.
so i picked up a butterscotch one for mr carrot's butterbeers, and a pumpkin spice one for me.

i soon* learned that adding an oz to 10 or so oz of (kirkland brand [vanilla])** soymilk was quite tasty.

*within minutes
**because like i said, we're cheapskates, so we just get what's available at costco. i really wish they haven't discontinued the plain. i miss it so.

so. last night i mixed up a batch of the torani soymilk and poured a glass of silk's pumpkin spice, and because of the sweetness of the vanilla soymilk, i couldn't tweak my mixture to be more flavorful without it becoming much too sweet. so. i think i'll try it again with unsweetened soymilk. of course there are no cheap unsweetened soymilks out there, so doing this won't really save much more money than just buying silk's (but at least the money would be going to a different company)
anyway, the torani syrup is more "spice" than pumpkin. some folks have said that they wished silk's stuff was more pumpkiny. but in a side by side comparison, silk's was definitely pumpkiny. a flavor lacking in my DIY adventure.

hell, i might have to actually put in an order at natures flavors if only to get this.
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